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Dear friends and colleagues,

In 2021, amid the pandemic, I sat in a small town located by a hillside in the Eastern Region of Ghana. From afar off, while observing the individuals continuing to push through the challenges brought by the pandemic, an unexpected encounter brought clarity and focus. I watched as Abena, an intelligent and hardworking woman, would enter our check-in station with her two children, Kojo and Danso. Rebounding from the lockdowns that momentarily halted her schooling at the Women’s Development Centre, I could see the determination in her eyes that she would continue working towards her dream of opening her own business. Her children also exhibited the same resilience as they followed around her with a big smile. I would later find out that the expression was due to their gratefulness to God for connecting them with donors who have been supporting them through the most challenging times. It reminded me that we play a role in unlocking the God-given potential of children and those less fortunate than ourselves. This unexpected encounter is the catalyst driving our passion for doing more for those who need it most.

With humility and compassion, we are taking action to improve as an organization, including updating our core values and guiding principles. We are also emphasizing collaboration in developing nations and introducing community projects that focus on increasing resilience. These actions are made possible by people like you who want to create a better future. Whether you are contributing your time, making a monetary donation, or having a conversation with a loved one about our programs, donors like you become a source of hope for the world.

It was through your contributions that we were able to serve each individual that came to us. As the demand for services continued to rise, so did your generosity and commitment to providing us support. Thank you for the confidence you have placed in us and for your continued investment in ANIDA. Together, we are making a world of difference!

Samuel J. Donkor
Executive Director


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Dear Supporters,

The call for giving and serving others is deeply rooted in our global mission. Through ANIDA, we have been able to answer this call, providing global communities with the resources and help they need the most.

Over the last couple of years, we have seen more need for our services in the communities we support, and as a result, we have experienced immense growth! We know this is just the beginning, and we will only continue to help more and more people as we work towards our mission to alleviate poverty around the globe.

Even through the pandemic, ANIDA has successfully been able to navigate increased needs and obstacles worldwide. None of this would’ve been possible without our generous donors’ support. On behalf of our Board of Directors, we acknowledge that our efforts would fall short if not for your endless encouragement. It is a privilege to serve others, and we are blessed to be serving with you.

Dr. Albert Gyimah
Chair, ANIDA Board of Directors


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Over 5,000 individuals
benefited by ANIDA’s programs.

Women & Girls Image

3,101 women & girls
empowered through food security and education.

Volunteer Hours Image

11,902 volunteer hours
helped support poverty alleviation initiatives.

Children Image

1,100 children
received access to education.

Food Provived Image

844,300 lbs food provided
to Canadian and international families

Engagements Image

Over 21,100 engagements
through all our social media platforms.

Food Deliveries Image

1,560 food deliveries
to seniors in Canadian neighbourhoods.

Partners Image

Over 100 Partners
organizations made a world of difference with us.

Medical Supplies Image

22,090 medical supplies
distributed for health & safety.



The Liberia Civil War lasted from 1989 until 2003, and it was a devastating conflict for the people of Liberia, especially women and girls. An estimated 250,000 people were killed during the war, and many more were displaced. As a result of the war, Liberia is now one of the poorest countries in the world, and women and girls continue to face significant challenges.

Despite the challenges, there are many women and girls in Liberia who are working to create a better future for themselves and their country. One such girl is Ellen, a 10-year-old who lives in a small town in rural Nimba County. Her mother Rebecca takes care of Ellen, Susan, and Charlotte in their unfinished, un-plastered home. Ellen also sells packaged water in the market to help her mother make ends meet. The personal story of Ellen speaks to her faith and resilience through the suffering of extreme poverty, crippling opportunities, and broken households.

When she was younger, she never thought that she would be able to attend school. She came from a small village, and her family could not afford to send her to get her education. She always saw other children going to school and would watch them from afar while working at the market, wondering what it would be like to be able to go to school too.

Since ANIDA launched Liberia’s Hope for Tomorrow child sponsorship program in Ellen has been one step closer to living the life that every child deserves.

She shares that one day, ANIDA came to her village, and said that we would be able to sponsor her to go to school. Ellen was so excited, and she couldn’t believe it! Finally, she would be able to go to school and learn like all the other children.

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Children in a classroom learning. - Liberia

Now, Ellen attends school regularly and is beginning to dream once again with the support of her family and community. Although life is not easy, Ellen puts her faith in God and is grateful for all the help and support she receives as part of the community ANIDA is working with.

Ellen is so grateful to ANIDA for giving her the opportunity to go to school. She knows that this is blessing from God and plans to use this opportunity to learn as much as she can.

"I always saw other children going to school, and I would watch them from afar while I was working at the market, wondering what it would be like to be able to go to school too."

Ellen, Hope for Tomorrow Liberia



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Hope for Tomorrow children feeding a chicken. - Ghana

Beatrice lives in a small town with her family in the Eastern Region of Ghana. She lives with her grandmother. She’s in the fourth grade and loves to eat rice with egg stew. However, Beatrice often doesn’t have eggs to eat with her rice because her family can’t afford to buy them.

In Ghana, nearly half of all malnourished children are not getting the nutrients they need to grow and develop properly. One way that ANIDA helps combat this problem is to provide families with chickens. Through our Read & Feed program, families in Ghana received chickens last year that they can raise and use for eggs and meat. This not only provides them with a source of nutritious food but also with an income.

Beatrice remembers when ANIDA gave her family a chicken. It was a big help to her family because they could use the eggs to feed themselves.

She remembers being so excited to get the chicken and feeling so grateful that someone was willing to help them out.

Thanks to the generosity of our donors, Beatrice and her family can enjoy fresh eggs with her rice every day. We’re so happy that we could help make this happen for Beatrice and her family. She’s currently excelling academically and is part of our Hope for Tomorrow program. She still helps her grandmother to raise the chicken.

Today, Beatrice spends a few minutes each morning making sure the chicken has food and water, and then she heads to school. She tells us, she has faith in God. That she doesn’t have to work for food. That she can go to school because of Him. Beatrice works hard so she can one day work at a bank and help people in her village.

"I spend a few minutes each morning making sure the chicken has food and water, and then I head to school."

Beatrice, Hope for Tomorrow Ghana


Integrity is one of the most crucial values to the ANIDA mission, which is why we work to be financially accountable and transparent with you. Thank you to all supporting individuals, communities, institutions, and governments for investing in the people we serve.



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  • Institutional Donations55%

  • Donations and Sponsorships16%

  • Government and Other Grants29%

  • Investments and Other Income< 1%


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  • Program Expenditures89%

  • Program Support Operating11%

The breakdown of the program expenditures represents $1,399,537 and 89% of the total expenditures of 2021





Institutional Donations

$ 774,467

$ 385,896

Donations and Sponsorships



Government and Other Grants



Investments and Other Income



Total Revenues





Program Expenses


Emergency Relief



Education and Development



Strengthen Communities



Women Empowerment Programs



Program Support


Operating Support



Fundraising Expense



Total Revenues






NET ASSETS, beginning of year



NET ASSETS, end of year



Click here to see the 2021 Financial Statements



When the pandemic first hit Toronto, seniors were some of the most vulnerable people in the city. Many of them were living on fixed incomes and didn’t have the resources to stock up on food in case of a lockdown. That’s where our ANIDA Food Bank came in. For one senior citizen in particular, Chen, the food bank has been a lifeline. He’s a senior citizen in his late 60’s who lives with his dog. When the pandemic hit, he was worried about how he would make ends meet. Thankfully, while taking a stroll in his neighbourhood, Chen came upon an ANIDA Food Bank flyer posted at a bus stop in the Jane & Finch area.

He reflects on when he first came here. Chen was hesitant and thought he was the only one who needed help. He soon realized that many people use the food bank, which is okay. We all need help sometimes.

Chen made bi-weekly visits and collected his food hampers. He warmed up to the staff and soon enough became their friend. He was delighted to share his story, and while we spoke to him, his resilience was one of his most outstanding aspects.

Chen was a social worker from China and was shocked to learn about the food bank situation in Canada. He always thought of Canada as a wealthy country with plenty of resources. He had no idea that so many people in this country are struggling to put food on the table.

Chen knew that the ANIDA Food Bank would provide him with the groceries and items he would need in his time of need. He was surprised to learn that the food bank caters to different diets. He thought they would only have typically donated food, like canned goods and boxed foods. However, he was able to find food that fit his specific diet needs.

This was a huge relief for Chen, as he was worried about how he would be able to find food that he could eat. The Food Bank became a means of survival and support.

Story Image

Staff and volunteers preparing food hampers at the ANIDA Food Bank.
- Canada

As a social worker, Chen thinks it’s important to give back to the community, and the food bank is a great way to do that.

He was a social worker, and he used the food bank. He pays it forward by donating plastic bags and dog food to our food bank. Chen wants to assure everyone that there is no shame in seeking help for food. No one should have to go hungry, and no one should worry about where their next meal comes from. Times are tough for many people, and he wants to help anyone who needs it.

Chen still frequents our Food Bank, and it brings us great joy to know that we are a safe haven for him and have been able to have such a positive impact on his life.

"I had no idea that so many people in this country are struggling to put food on the table."

Chen, Toronto Food Bank Member

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Staff at Plan Group celebrating their one-year partnership with ANIDA.
- Canada


dvancing his interest in health and safety from a young age, Steve Thrasher is now the National Director of Health and Safety at Plan Group. Viewed as a leader by many other companies throughout their industry, they choose to lead by example. Steve is part of Plan Group’s CSR Committee, dedicated to ensuring that they adhere to its Corporate Social Responsibility as a company. Who wouldn’t want to be a part of that?

As experts in electrical, mechanical and technology, Plan Group has spent over 65 years helping build out their community, and they are ready to start doing more to help build it up. The work they are doing with ANIDA allows them to do just that.

Through his company’s culture of giving back, Steve has been a pillar in the fight against the city’s climbing poverty over the last couple of years.

He has joined his colleagues to volunteer in the food bank, participated in creative employee-led fundraising activities and initiatives, and experienced further encouragement by contributions being matched by his employer.

The work that Steve and his company are doing with ANIDA is just one example of the importance of CSR to a non-profit. Without the support of companies like Plan Group, many non-profits would be unable to continue their work.

"I have nothing but positive things to say about ANIDA’s poverty reduction-directed programs. To me, they give hope for a better future, and I’m just proud to help support such an impactful organization."

Steve Trasher, National Director of Health and Safety at Plan Group