Donate to Project NOAH

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Charity begins at home, and ANIDA believes in having a positive impact in our immediate community. As such, we are an active member in several Ontario communities, taking the opportunity to share education and connect with people.
Your donation to the Project NOAH will help with the following:
  • Develop education programs for children and youth.
  • Create targeted workshops and extended support programs for those accessing food banks.
  • Host leadership training events for communities in Canada and abroad.
In the past, Project Noah has been home to educational programs for children and youth. We have provided after school tutoring programs for food bank users and have hosted fundraising drives like Popcorn for Poverty. Our future plans include developing a financial literacy program that can be accessed by visitors to the food bank and hosting events like ANIDA Day, where attendees have the opportunity to learn more about economic justice.

Or donate a one time payment as a guest.